N1m for Anyone Who Finds Secondary School Friend – Alhaji Tekno

The Nigerian star artist Tekno has promise to offer the sum of N1million for a friend from the days of his childhood beginnings that he is trying to reconnect with. The singer is knows to share money to fans and followers on social media, he even recently offered N500,000 not long ago.
Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Tekno made the announcement..

“His name is Paul Akere! We were good friends in secondary school; put the word out.. am looking for a way to contact him. 1m on him 200k u.
“I don’t know how he is now! But, brother was real skinny and real yellow #lol his sisters name is ‘love’ and also very yellow #finegirl.”
Tekno has been in the news after he recently confirmed widely spread rumours that he and singer, Lola Rae, are dating.


Credit: GberaTV


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