Women Should Contest for Public Offices – Her Royal Majesty Queen Abigail Joshua

With the growing awareness by females on the need for gender equality, there seems to be a greater support of that course. So many females feel that gone are the days the future of a woman ends in the kitchen.
In this regard, her royal Majesty Queen Abigail Joshua has lamented inferiority complex as one issue that should be conquered by females towards getting relevant in the societal scheme of things.

In her words “The problem I have with fellow females is that they always feel inferior in handling tasks especially in politics and others spheres of endeavour. I have seen the best directors from banks as females, best administrators in ministries as females and more.The moment young girls can conquer that complex and feeling that because they are females, they are inferior to men, the better for us”.

She also admonished parents to pay more attention to their children towards helping them to be better, saying a lot of people in exalted positions actually work with their talents and skills than their courses of study.

“I have heard people say they did read some courses in school just because their parents wanted them to. When they graduate and take all the pictures at convocation, they pursue something else. That is when you see a graduate of law learning fashion after spending so many years doing law and reading voluminous books”.

The Akwa-Ibom State born model who is the current queen, Face of Eventnews Africa 2017 is passionate about making an impact in modelling through creation of more impactful projects.

Many are of the view that several options exist in the social circles that can be filled by women but not until they begin to regain their pride of place and believe in themselves. This is one major objective of her royal Majesty Queen Abigail Joshua in years to come.


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