I can’t marry a man that is not good in bed, I may cheat on him – Mimisola Daniels

Mimisola Daniels

Mimisola Daniels

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What made you go into acting?

I have always wanted to be an actress, since I was a child but my father never bought the idea. In 2010 I met someone who talked to him and persuaded him to allow me follow my dream. The person featured me in my first film. It was in 2010. Later, I met Toyin Abraham (Toyin Aimakhu), with whom I worked for about a year and half before I registered with Dele Ogundipe, where my real acting actually started.

How come the story popped out that you were dating Toyin Abraham’s former husband, Niyi Johnson?

I wasn’t dating him; we were just friends and he was a senior colleague. People only misinterpreted our love scene in a movie. There was a movie we were together; my own movie and we played the role of lovers. In the movie he proposed to me and we had a few love scenes, that’s how it all started.

How will you describe the journey so far?

It has not been easy, being an upcoming actress. The people in the industry simply don’t trust upcoming actresses and they criticize us a lot.

You don’t get a role easily because they don’t want to take a risk; all they want are the known faces, forgetting that they too started from somewhere. It has not been easy but I am trying my best.

Is that why you feel the need to produce your own film?

Of course, yes. It is important to produce your own films because it is the only way you can tell your own stories, in your own way. It is also a good way to promote yourself.

Nowadays, I think you have to convince yourself to tell them you have what it takes. What I feel I want to do now is to be a constant producer and get to feature more in my movies than any other.

What does it take to produce a Yoruba film using one of your films as an example?

For my first movie I had a good storyline, good cast, production manager, and director. You also need quality equipments, and all the right tools.

I heard that in the Yoruba industry you do favours for each other and you don’t pay those that feature in your films their true value or at all. How true is this?

For my job I pay everybody. People don’t really do padi padi anymore. Yes, there are friends that may come in to help by collecting nothing or just little but most people collect their money in full. If we keep doing this padi padi thing trust me we won’t make it in the Yoruba industry. I paid everyone but except for my close friends because I have done the same for them too.

Are you married?

No, I am not married and I am not in a relationship.

Why is a beautiful lady like you not in a relationship?

Because I am not ready for it; I am too emotional, maybe I am just scared of heartbreak. I don’t want to go into any, I left one not quite long and I don’t want to go into another just yet. I want to be sure of what I want before I dabble into another.

It seems your experience with men has not been too healthy?

I can’t say that but men don’t seem to trust actresses, they believe if you are an actress you are not a good girl. It is what affected my last affair. My boyfriend never felt comfortable with my being an actress, he was always moaning about this and that. When it comes to love affairs I am very emotional and I know there’s hardly a man that keeps one girlfriend. Even if my man must keep a girlfriend I must be the main girl. These days there are different types of relationships, we have the serious types and the unserious types.

So, you are not thinking of marriage anytime soon?

Of course I am thinking of it. I am a Nigerian, a Yoruba woman and my dad wouldn’t let me be. But seriously, If not for the pressure from my dad I may just remain single and get a man to have children with and live alone on my own.

So you don’t mind being somebody’s baby mama?

I see nothing wrong with being a baby mama. Our problem as Nigerians, especially the Yorubas is the belief that once you are pregnant for a man you must marry him. And when you are dating a man your parents expect you to marry him at all cost, forgetting that dating and marriage are two different things entirely.

Some have forced their way into marriage because of family pressures only to separate soon after. You can be somebody’s baby mama for five to ten years and get married afterward when you think you are ripe for marriage. You don’t have to marry a man because you are pregnant for him. So, I have no problem with being a baby mama just as long as I like the man and don’t mind being the mother of his children.

For how long have you stayed out of a relationship now?

For a serious relationship, its two years now, my last serious relationship was in 2014.

What is a serious relationship and an unserious relationship?

A serious relationship is when you are committed to someone and you feel it’s nice for you to marry the person; it’s different from just seeing someone for the fun of it. For the unserious type, you are not committed and you don’t expect anything out of the fling.

So, you have not had sex for three years now?

I am not in a relationship that’s all I can say now.

How do you see sex generally?

Sex generally? Nowadays, sex is the easiest and cheapest thing to get that is why we cannot differentiate between a man that loves you and a man that wants just sex. But to me sex still means a lot, I attach feelings to it.

Can you marry a man that is not good in bed but very rich?

No, I can’t. I will definitely cheat on him with time. I will use his money to pay for somebody that is good in bed to balance it. I will definitely cheat on him; I can’t spend the rest of my life, suffering in silence with a particular man. So, he has to be good in bed for me not to cheat on him.


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