Meet The Amiable Kwara State NYSC Camp Director – Mrs Olusoji Olufunsho

Let’s meet Mrs Olusoji Olufunsho, the NYSC camp director at Kwara STate NYSC orientation camp, Yikpata. You will surely know a real mother when you meet one. As soon as you hear her speak, you would know how motherly she is. Heading into Kwara state NYSC orientation camp with jitters and frights at the sight of stern-looking soldiers and security men.

But to our surprise, awaits a mother who has been specially ordained to give motherly love and care to over 2000 Corps members. She is the camp director of Kwara state NYSC orientation camp, Yikpata in Edu Local Government Area. A virtuous mother cannot be identified just by physical looks but majorly on the qualities portrayed towards someone. Indeed, the Corps members of Kwara state NYSC have found another mother away from home.

Let’s meet our mama – Mrs. Olusoji Olufunsho

My name is Mrs. Olusoji Olufunsho, am married with children. I work with the National Youth Service Corps. Presently, am in Kwara state as the camp director for the current 2015 National Youth Service Corps Batch B stream 1.

Tell us something about your academic career.

I hold a master degree in public administration, which I obtained from Ekiti state university, Ado Ekiti. That was my last station before I was transferred to Kwara State. Then I hold a first degree in English studies which I obtained from Obafemi Awolowo university, Ile-Ife.

Looking at her as a married civil servant, hear what she has to say.

Am married to a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is an Area pastor and he is also a professor in the university (Federal University of Technology). We are blessed with three children and to the glory of God, we are doing fine. Two of them have served the nation and the last is in the university.

Man needs food for survival. Let’s hear what your favourite food is

My favourite food is beans or any beans product. I love beans generally.

What colour do you love the most?

My favourite colour is blue. Blue appeals to me the more. Blue is the colour of love but I see it more as the colour of serenity and peace.   By considering your career, what was your first career choice? Well, after my service in 1986 in the old Oyo state where I worked with Radio Nigeria, I took up NDE job. As at then (1987), the chances of getting a job was not really there, thou it was not as bad as the current unemployment situation. After working few months with NDE, I took up a teaching appointment in Akure. After the teaching appointment, in Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as an information officer.

As at the time you got the NYSC appointment, how did you feel about the appointment?

From my background, my parents are from Ekiti state but my husband is from  Ondo. Ekiti people believe more in getting government jobs and most of them are teachers. As at then, when you get a job that is perceived as a federal appointment, people feel you have arrived. My parents were both teachers, this made them not to support my appointment as a civil servant. They never wanted me to experience what they passed through as teachers.  With this, they struggled to ensure I get a federal appointment. So when the NYSC appointment came, we were all happy that our desired appointment has been met. But somewhere along the line, I discovered that some of my colleagues who took appointment in other sectors were actually doing better than I. I give thanks to God for my position today as I still have success stories to tell.

She also talked about her christian life. Hear what she has to say.

Am a pastor’s wife. My husband is an Area pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. This makes me an area mother as we are popularly called in the church. I have served in different roles in churches even during my National Youth Service. As at then, it was not called Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship – NCCF. It was actually named according to states. Since then I got the call of God upon my life and God has been helping me to do his work. And I have been getting positive feedbacks.  It’s always good for you to be noted for something good. Few years back, a comedian corps member was anchoring a show and he said

Some people are noted for different things but our camp director is noted for morning devotion.

Then I said thank God I was able to impart lifes. Even if its 10 minutes, I always ensure I give them word of prayer and encouragement every morning. I have gotten testimonies from corps members who have been positively touch by my morning prayers and encouragement. As a pastor’s wife, I have been helping the women and as NYSC official, God has been using me to help the Nigeria Youths.

She has made some milestone in her career. Hear what she said.


More juicy stories about NYSC camp director coming soon. Don’t miss it.



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  1. Yes She’s a mother away from home that I have never seen before.we the 2015 Bach B stream 1. I pray for you mama may Allah protect you and uplift you ameen.

  2. Mrs Olusoji is like a mother to everyone, may God continue to protect and guild her. Yikpata camp, I will never forget. Best of luck to stream 2 Batch B .

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