I’m Not Afraid Of Olamide – Rapper K Ryms

In an interview last night, k Ryms speaks out, says “he’s not afraid of olamide”, some certain questions were been asked from the fast rising indigenous rapper last night in a radio interview.

It was so fun and all when k ryms started free styling with lot of funs and so on, sit back and enjoy the questions that was been asked.

Presenter: How did you come about your stage name ?

K ryms: my surname started with k and I love dropping rhymes while rapping, that why I decide to use the name k ryms ….

Presenter: how long have you been Into the music industry ?

K ryms: I started rapping when I was 8 years old, cause my dad listened to more of tupac the marcavelli, when ever my dad keeps playing tupac I keep rapping along and do emulate his rap skills.

Presenter: : you listened to more of tu PAC and how come you end up being an indigenous rapper ?

K ryms:: Dagrin listened to more of jadakis and also tupac and 50, at end he end up being a Yoruba rapper, so listening to foreign music doesn’t affect me from doing my own dialect, Yoruba no be language barrier

Presenter:: Who is your mentor ?

K ryms:: No doubt tupac,biggie,50cent,dagrin…..

Presenter:: people compare you to lil kesh and how do you feel about that ?

K ryms: I feel nothing, people are free to say what they like, it called freedom of speech, I do what I do best and I promise am gonna make something different this time around..

Presenter:: if you would like to join any record label for now, what would come to your mind first ?

K ryms: I can join any record label that comes for me, I don’t need to pick a choice, all I need to do is to sit tight and keep my game up..

Presenter:: Where do you get your inspirations from ?

K ryms:: from the street off course and anything I see around me gives me inspiration …

Presenter:: YBNL artiste are doing well now in the industry, when it comes to indigenous music, and olamide has been doing well for a long time, what do you think about that ?

K ryms:: I respect YBNL as a whole, I love there team spirit and I respect olamide, but am gonna say this boldly am not afraid of olamide or anybody do your stuff and I do my own …
Presenter :: how can your fans reach you when ever they wanna have some funs with you ?

K ryms:: well they can go to my twitter/Instagram page (kryms_km or Facebook page kryms TLR)

Presenter:: what other tracks do you want to drop and which artiste would you like to work with ?

K ryms:: I think I just dropped two tracks off recent gbese and owo epo produced by switch,mixed by olumux, i would be working on a new single soon and also I would love to work with artiste like olamide, davido and lil kesh for now…

Presenter :: the last but not the least, what do you have to say to your fans

K ryms:: well am just gonna tell them to keep supporting the boy, k ryms am not gonna let them down,also watch out for my own boy bramix the young rapper keep up with your hustle the sky is your limit , the game is tight but am gonna loose it with a spanner……..( this statement made every one burst into laughter,and sees k ryms as a loyal and funny guy, well I wish him best of luck in his carer )

What do you think ?


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