Godwin Eteng Isokon Biography, Life and Style

Nigerian Nollywood actor Godwin Eteng Isokon who has starred in films like Sharpcorner, Shades of grace, Coming soon, Not in my compound, Shallon among others is an actor to reckon with.

The early life of Godwin Eteng Isokon was fun to remember. His school days was said to be fun all through. I know you understand what I meant. During his early days, he was able to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. This gave him the opportunity to learn how to manage his character among others. You know how it feels to meet with intelligent students but teachers as a young chap. He attended Government Primary and Comprehensive Secondary school, Nko, Cross River state, Nigeria.

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Who is Godwin Eteng Isokon

Follow me while I take you through his Biography, life and style.
Godwin Eteng Isokon Personal values

Godwin Eteng first personal value is to create a personal relationship with his creator. He has been at his best in follow God. According to him, God almighty has been his priority in life; Humility and politeness in everything has always been part of his watch word. He said

We were taught to say please and thank you to always be nice to people. When is comes to giving, If I have, I give and I don’t hold back on it because I know God will always meet me at my point of need.

Godwin Eteng Isokon Performance metrics and brand involvement with others in the industry has been a remarkable one. Godwin Eteng is an upcoming actor who has been looking up to the best. He is always pleased meeting with colleagues, both stars and upcoming ones.

Godwin Eteng has featured in several corporate events. He was at THE SUN 13th ANNUAL AWARDS held at Eko hotel and suite, 35th Anniversary of Silverbird at Eko hotel and suite, ALL AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS at Eko hotel and suite, and The Spotlight Movie Awards held at Civic Center Victoria Island Lagos among others.

Godwin Eteng’s level of collaboration with other industry icons has been on a good note. He has worked on over ten movies, that include Sharpcorner, Shades of grace coning soon, not in my compound, Shallon among others.

You might want to know what Godwin Eteng has to say about his celebrity mileage. He said;

Am looking up to be like Jim Iyke very soon by the grace of God. smiles

In as much as Godwin Eteng had fun filled moments, there was also challenging experience while he was growing up.

According to Godwin Eteng, Been from a poor background, I always had shortage of text and note books. I had to walk to school every morning. Even with that, I was not deprived from studying hard with my available books. That was my primary schools anyway as things went better as I grew.

Relax with a glass of juice while you go through his responses in his own words. below.

What has been your memorable experience?

All the producers and directors I worked with were very comfortable and easy to work with. I have been treated very well. This are part of the moments that gives me memorable experience from the past.

What do you do at leisure time

I read books during my free time.

What has been your most cherished fashion item

I like eye glasses of any colour and tops.

How would you define a great time partner

One who is ever there for me is greater than every other.

What’s your view about Nigeria current status

Nigeria is experiencing misery, misery occasioned by poverty. I really don’t want to make a comment about this country.

If you are to make decision that would improve Nigeria economy, what could that be

Economy is about people. That is why Adam smith, the father of economics refer to economics as genuine social science. Economist will always ponder and reflect on principles governing questions such as what should be produced, when  and where, at what cost and at what efficiency, to ensure that the difference between the cost of supply and the price demanded will yield profit. But the Government of Nigeria doesn’t give attention to any of these.

The current government has been trying to curb the high level of corruption menace in Nigeria, what your take on that.

The issue of corruption to me has been for a very long time before the current Government came in and no one had ever stop the act. It is not a good idea for the current Govt to focus on corruption that will never end thereby abandon other responsibilities. That’s not good at all.

Tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly in your past

I grew up with street guys and you know what that means when people around you seems to be rough. I was taken advantage on many occassions but at the same time many recogised me as a man of men. I tried to make things different even when I know its difficult.

What were your childhood dreams

I intended studying law in university due it was my last option. Acting has ever been my dream from my childhood. I have the passion.

How has your background contributed to who you are today

Am not from a rich family backgound but my mum is always haven me in prayers and that’s what keeping me going.

What do you think about the political state of the county

Very bad,but expecting the best.Like I said before,I don’t want to say anything about the country.

Tell us about your marital life.


If you were given an elephant where would you hide it

If am opportune I will do all the best

Where is your most favourable vacation spot

Catching fun in the beach.

Between women, cars and houses which do you tend to love most.

I love houses most

What is your favourite Daily wear attire

Jacket, shirt and Jeans.

Which Nigeria celebrity do you think are most influential.

Omotola Jolade, Genevive Nnaji, Liz Benson and Jim Iyke.

What has been the secret behind your success in the industry so far

Faithfulness, prayers, humility, hardworking and trusting in God.

Congratulations to Godwin Eteng Isokon


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  1. Wow guy I knew one day you will be a great man in our society may God see you through in Jesus name Amen I love you guy keep going u are bless.

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