Exclusive interview: I don’t have any beauty secret- Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa covered the April issue of House of Maliq with Linda Ejiofor. Read excerpts of her interview below..
Interview With Dayo Amusa
Tell us about you?
I am Dayo Amusa. Am an Actor , Filmmaker, Singer an Entrepreneur. Born and breed in Lagos. I attended KennyTee Private school at aguda surulere lagos, Mayflower Sec. School Ikenne Remo Ogun State then Studied Food Science and Technology Moshood Abiola
Polytechnic (Mapoly) Abeokuta.


2:- What inspired you into music and acting?
Acting has always been a big passion for me, it’s been
something i had always dreamt doing as far back as
my primary school days. So when the opportunity
came in, I didn’t hold back because if did hold back
then am no good. Same as Music. Music is
something I know I would do even before I joined the
entertainment industry. That my parents had seen in
me. Though my mum never actually wanted me to be
an actress. Now, I am not holding back.
3:- What project are you currently working on?
Doing my pre-production plans towards my new movie
project. Also wil be dropping some Singles and
Musical video before the last quarter of the year as I
will launching out my 1st Album then.


4:- Who are your heroes?
God comes 1st in everything i do. He’s my 1st Hero.
But growing up its was Sandra Achums. Along the line
Joke Sylva, Bimbo Akintola and K1 De ultimate.
5:- What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to
It happened at Maryland Ikeja. I was driving and this
lady who happens to be seated in the car beside me
was seriously waving & rolling down at the same time.
I did rolled down too to say hello. Then she asked for
my number and i politely told her I couldn’t ,that I was
sorry. You don’t want to know how she switched into
insulting me. I was so shocked that i didn’t even know
if I should roll up or just keep staring. Wasn’t funny
6:- What is your beauty secret?
I don’t have any beauty secret or routine. All I know is
I try to rest & pamper myself the little way I can.
7:- What are your personal goals/ambitions?
Major aim/ambition is to help create a better future
for generations to come.
8:- What is your greatest strength ?
Fear is my strength.


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