Meet Ajulo Lurg Olakunle, the CEO of Lurg Entertainment Record Label.

Hello full house, today we have a special guest in the house; Ajulo Lurg Olakunle, the CEO of Lurg Entertainment Record Label. From discovering, developing, and producing artists and groups to being an accomplished producer, his influence on the music industry will put Nigeria’s music scene on the map and turned his name into a household brand synonymous with music.

At the moment, Lurg is one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria. He has got a lot to share with you guys and you can’t afford to miss a line from him.

So, let get into discussion with the boss himself;

Where did you grow up, and how did you get into the music business?

well I grew up in agege, had my elementary and secondary school in Agege so I’m an agege boy precisely. My passion for entertainment, music especially attracted me into the business. I’ve always wanted to be in the music business since 2007 even earlier before then. I had deep passion for music and passion is all that attracted me to music business.

How did you get into Music?

My passion for music and my instinct in knowing a music star when I see one (before fame).

How did you come about the name of your record label?

The record label name Lurg Entertainment. We all know what lug means… to me lug represents something that can’t be easily carried and that represents who I am.. I’m not easily shaken and I don’t easily fall for defeat… It’s a name I have adopted for myself and the name represents the label as a label that is here to fight its place and not ready to back down easily regardless of the challenges that come around.

Did you play any instruments?

Yes I play the guitar.

Was there any under-age restrictions as at the time you started

No, there is no under age restriction starting Lurg Entertainment… and beside I was already a man when the label was born, lol

After high school, did you attend college?

Yes, after secondary school I attended Lautech,  did a year and moved to Novena university, Ogume delta states and got my degree from tansian university, Oba Anambra state in computer science and information technology

Would this record become your first release on your label?

I wouldn’t say it’s the first record but we’re rebranding and I might say the first

Who were some of your first artists?

Right now we have Gyrion and Celestine

Do you get tired of working with any of your artists?

Not really but we have to be blunt sometimes

How has it been since your first artist came on board?

It’s been good and we have lot of prospect in the artists. We believe they’ve got all it takes to excel in the Nigeria music industry

How do you think the music business is currently doing? Does it look more promising?

The music industry is booming with lot of opportunities and potentials and the sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly… even the unborn if you know what I mean

Do you also still work creatively on certain projects?

Yes we are also into animation and graphic works

Do you look for songs on certain projects for your artists?

We work together with the artists in order to deliver good music to the public

Do you have a counterpart studio outside Lagos?

No we have our studio here in Lagos. Though we hope to expand but we do have counterpart studio in South Africa.

Who are some of your most successful artists you’ve worked with?

The breakthrough is yet to come but we are positive that the artists we have on board can conquer the game

What makes an artist stand out from the rest?

I believe an artist charisma, self believe and being good at what you do is all you need to stand out. To be better than the best.

What kind of strategy does your label use to promote their music?

Promotion is a very challenging part and also the most important aspect. Promotion is being done digitally, online and we are set to be in the TV music channels

What advice can you give to emerging artists who are trying to break into the music business?

Word of advise… Tupac said if you can make it through the dark night there’s a brighter day. you have to believe in yourself, do your best and push yourself outside the box.  Conquer your challenges and don’t let it break you. Keep your head high, make good music and always believe that the sky is the limit.


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