Tanyka Renee and 13 other Black beauties United for The Colored Girl X Nubian Skin’s Bloom Campaign

In 2016, Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth pledged to reclaim beauty for the Black woman through The Colored Girl, an agency dedicated to disrupting the status quo through beauty and fashion. You’ve probably seen their breathtaking pictorials shared thousands of times over on social media, but make no mistake: their purpose goes beyond taking pretty pictures.
TCGgroupshot4 (1) Khoudia Diop and 13 other Black beauties come together to commemorate the agency’s one year anniversary.


Now one year past their debut, the dynamic duo are reinforcing their mission with FULL BLOOM, a campaign that celebrates not only their personal journey as the founders of TCG, but the growth and transition all women go through while finding themselves.


“This campaign represents growth, and a celebration of self, (and others like us), who have been traditionally marginalized and/or under or misrepresented. We wanted to really celebrate Black women. Help them appreciate the journey of being a COLORED GIRL.,” Elizabeth shares.

“The colors represent the joy and gratitude we feel, and that many Black women feel; but that is almost never seen commercially.”

The 14 women featured are diverse in both their occupations and physical appearance and include Khoudia Diop (aka “Melanin Goddess”), whose inspiring Instagram feed became an instant must-follow last year. Since then, she’s secured a spot in Make Up For Ever’s #BlendInStandOut campaign and even launched her own anti-bullying platform.


Diop and the other Black beauties are also fashioned in Chiki Miki and Nubian Skin, the Black-owned lingerie brand that makes nude garments and hosiery for women of color.  Jones felt the former’s earth tone designs “captured our current mood of vibrancy, happiness, triumph, femininity, quirkiness and authenticity” and represent the “soil from which all beautiful things grow.”

“We wanted to show Black women as happy, vulnerable, fierce, yet whimsical. Because we almost never get to be ‘whimsical’. We are all too often portrayed as the heavy; angry, bitter women, or hyper sexualized objects of desire, and it’s unfair because we (WOC) are so much more, and our experiences run the gamut, just like anyone else,” she continued.”

See more photos from the campaign below:















Credit: Onobello & Essence


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