Meet Anthony Kwaku – Author of the Casual Dispenser

Meet Anthony Kwaku Tieku who is the author of The Casual Dispenser. Anthony Kwaku is a 23 year old law student from Ghana. In this short interview he tells us about himself, his prospects and the future of the Nigerian fashion industry.

When I came across the Casual Dispenser I found myself lost in this lovely blog. Every post on Anthony’s blog is so elegantly put together and truly captures his style. The Casual Dispenser a wonderful Men’s fashion & lifestyle blog that is filled with classic casual wardrobe pieces to help you look and feel your best.

Tell us about yourself Anthony

Growing up in an African home, wasn’t always easy but I am proud of my background. The music, lifestyle, mentality and culture made me who I am and who I am growing to be in future. At home I was always that African kid that I am always going to be.

But as soon as I stepped out of the door I had the European culture waiting for me. Trying to combine both cultures was a real struggle. My blog is more like a part time job because of my studies and I am looking forward to get into it full time soon.

What is your take on the Nigerian fashion industry?

With the likes of Lagos Fashion and Design week and other daring designers, the Nigerian fashion industry cannot be ignored. One thing we see for a fact is their rich culture which is infused in their designs and patterns.

We already notice the build up to 10 years as the designers will only gain more international recognition making the industry a force to reckon with and their designs still staying true to their Nigerian heritage, culture and experience.


Credit: Fashion Online Nigeria


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