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See why WizKid’s new single ‘Daddy yo’ is as good as a primary school rhymes | Eventnew Roast

I really love Wizkid’s music but I have to feature him on Eventnews roast here. Wizkid’s “daddy yo” single has everyone on the dancing mood, well to me  I see his new single as crap. Now let’s imagine him been a upcoming artist who drops his single with this lyrics….


“1-2 .. I like the way you dance
I love your kitty-dance, I love the way you dance am
3-4 .. Knocking on the door
Whine fimme baby gyal, gimme whine slow, girl
5-6 .. Tip on ya toe
Time fimme dance am, Quater-to, dance am
7-8 .. Don’t be late
Do what the teacher say, don’t come late, gyal
9-10 .. Open and close
Dance fimme down gyal, Oya, wine am
11-12 .. Wind up-close
Do what the teacher say and put ON repeat, ahn-ah!”

Wizkid’s “daddy yo” new single tho!!!

I bet nobody would even want to listen to his next line of words, we would finish his career before it begins, but since its wizkid the baba n’la him self, we just accepted.

This young man actually took us back to school, counting 1-12 for us and called us his student by saying “Do what the teacher say and put ON repeat”. Well I think he’s right there because in the club people would actually ask the DJ to repeat the song as we don’t care about lyrics anymore. What happened to our words, we all want to dance to crap music and waste money on same and pop bottles when the song comes on in the club “LOL”.

Now they are comparing DADDY YO and RUNTOWN’s “MAD OVER YOU”. Who does that? Both singles aren’t meant to be compared. RUNTOWN’s ‘MAD OVER YOU’ is a song I wanna play in my car, touch my lady in her favorite spots, and treat her nice when we get home.

Please guys, RUNTOWN’s MAD OVER YOU should not be compared to primary school rhymes our star boy dropped.

I think we need back our HOLLA AT YOUR BOY and OJUELEGBA artist.

#wellwhatdoiknow  #iamjustsayingO @eventnewsafrica

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