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Latest News on Mr Pretty mike and his Chiwawa dogs | Eventnews Roast

Pretty Mike and his Chiwawa lady dogs has been trending recently and we all at Eventnews Africa decided to feature them on Eventnews Roast. Now talking about the trending Pretty Mike and his ‘DOGS’…  ohh sorry girls who wanted to be treated as dogs. I see no reason why they are attacking a young man who decided to use his money the way he wanted. He has freedom of choice here and people are abusing the young man.

Well, most people who do are broke to me, because when you have money you could do worse. Do not forget that money controls the owner sometimes. Just like Davido‘s case when he dissed his father’s mate ‘Mr Dele’ but that’s a topic for another day.

We should leave the young man and actually talk more about the young girls who decided to be DOGs on a leash, our young ladies now do a lot all for money, they needed money and our Mr Pretty mike needed human Dogs to escort him to events since he has the money our girls who forget our traditional culture and are lost all in the name of hustling decided to be his aid.

And now am hearing our governor arresting the young man. Dear sir, the world has evolved and we all have freedom of choice. There was no reason arresting the young man since he did not force these girls. It’s just same way a young man pays for sex. Well, maybe you should go to places like Pekas hotel Allen to arrest the young men who pay for sex and the young women who sell their bodies for sex….

I see no difference between what our Mr Pretty Mike did and what other men do to young girls who sell their bodies tho. But Mr pretty mike sha, you should have used that pink substance inside your skull to function. Just in case you don’t know what it is, its called a ‘BRAIN’.

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