World Radio Day: NBC Urges Broadcasters To Observe Tenets, Ethics Of Broadcasting

The National Broadcasting Commission has advised broadcasters to be professional and observe the tenets of broadcasting in promoting fairness, equity and objectivity.

The Director-General of NBC, Malam Is’haq Kawu gave the advice in a statement to mark World Radio Day themed ‘‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.”

Kawu enjoined broadcasters to be objective in their reportage, especially as the country was approaching the 2019 general elections.

Kawu said that broadcasters should use the radio as a tool to help in proffering solutions to issues, thereby facilitating peace in the society.

He said that radio could also help in shaping minds and building tolerance among people with differences.

The director-general said that the medium could be employed to solve local health issues and ensuring education for children.

Kawu said that radio was one of the most stellar inventions to ever exist, adding that radio was helpful in bringing light to many pressing situations.

“Over the course of time radio has revolutionised communication, all at a low cost.

“It reaches across to all aspects of life. It is also a unifying tool that people from all spheres of life can relate to.

“This day every year reminds us of how radio has facilitated communication as well as entertained us over the years.”

The World Radio Day Celebration is an observance day held annually on February 13, to celebrate radio as a mediumDay. It was proclaimed on November 3, 2011 by UNESCO’s 36th General Conference after originally being proposed by the Kingdom of Spain.

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