Video: The return of Tonto Dikeh’s bride price | Part 1

May the soul of Tonto Dikeh’s marriage rest in peace. The family of Olakunle Churchill, the estranged husband of actress, Tonto Dikeh, in a new development have taken back their bride price from Tonto’s family.

According to online news platform Leaders Ng, Tonto Dikeh revealed in a leaked text that she paid her bride price herself, however, her father has said that Olakunle Churchill fulfilled all traditional requirements and has returned the bride price to him and in so doing has annulled their traditional marriage.

Olakunle Churchill's Family

In a new video gathered by Media Room Hub, Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill requests for the bride price he paid on Tonto Dikeh. Churchill’s uncle, Bishop Dare met with Tonto Dikeh’s father, Chief Sunny Dikeh in Portharcourt to collect the bride price this week.

As we all know that no woman in her normal sense will ever pray to experience this. May the soul of her marriage rest in peace.

Watch video below:

Credit: Leaders Ng

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  1. The last time I checked it is better to be happily single, Than answering a married woman while crying behind closed doors. Gone are the days when a woman should be in an unhappy marriage, And domestic violence is the order of the day. It is better that she is alive and take care of her son than people coming to type RIP when she is gone. If the marriage didn’t favour you just leave. Just take care of your cutie and do what makes you happy!!! We all have our own stories, You will be in the news today. Tomorrow it may be another so nothing is new. Happiness is what matters.

  2. Eventnews For better for worse like seriously? So if she is your sister you will advice her to stay in an unhappy marriage? For better for worse indeed!!! That word for better for worse has killed many women today and many are still on the verge of going down because of what the society will say. Many women cos of pride has left their daughters to die in the hands of merciless men today cos of the so called mentality of for better for worse. If you get married and your marriage is not working for you it better to leave that marriage alive than make headlines in the news. The same society who advice you to remain in a violent marriage will come to type RIP when you die and shed crocodile tears when you are gone. Leaving your children motherless in the mercy of a heartless woman. You are entitled to your own opinion but I disagree with you.

  3. Chinenye, we understand your view. That’s why it is written that marriage is not for children. You need to be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and wisdom wise ready to face the challenges of marriage. So with these, you take it as it comes and face it religiously.

  4. Is better so her mouth will rest in peace am a same of her family because of money no respect from her I don’t think she even respect her own father talk of her family she is a big shameful thing if she can take this let her go out of Niger for now

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