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Starting an Event Business

Events spring up every now and then, most especially at the tail end of the year, with lots of massive sponsors.

event business
A small event

If you have been wanting to know how to start an event brand/business or you already have one and want to expand or improve on it then this article is for you. I’ll probably ask you to get a bottle of your favourite drink and relax as you read this, you may want to take a pen and note pad too or better still just bookmark this page on your browser.

Okay, before I get started I’ll just tell you something about sponsorships. No multinational brand/business will sponsor your event if you are not offering anything in return in terms of revenue. All this ‘company name and logo will be included in all publicity materials’ is already old, only new and relatively unknown brands will fall for that.

No matter the type of event or content of the event, once you are not giving back any revenue either directly or indirectly then your proposal will not scale through the first table. This is business! Revenue is important not just for you, for your prospective sponsors to.

In the coming days I will be writing on how to write a successful event proposals.

How do you start an event business?

Lets get started on already…

One of the things you have to consider before venturing into an event is the TYPE OF EVENT. Will it be a fashion event, music concert or comedy show, probably a combination of all? Bottom line is, there should be a main activity during the event.
For instance, a comedy show has musical performances as well as dance performances but it’s still a Comedy event.

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You should also take note of your TARGET AUDIENCE. Is the event you are planning for students, working class, women, men or open to the General public? This will affect the LOCATION and CONTENT of your event.

Do You plan to invite any PUBLIC FIGURE? You should know that doing this will have a huge impact on your budget, if it’s your first event I suggest you should keep It low.

If you have never done any event before and you plan to have a national event, I’ll advice that you have the event first in a closed and controlled environment such as a university campus where you can test run the event without shooting yourself in the leg.

On LOCATION, like I said earlier, this factor is affected by your target audience. If you target students in higher institutions then your venue should either be on a campus or somewhere close to a campus so that it’s open to other people but nearer to the target audience.
If you plan to have a campus tour you should probably think of doing a campus tour before the grand finale.

BUDGETING, you should be more focused on things that will make the event a success, the primary needs. For example, a fashion show will need a runway and good lightening as well as a fairly good sound system (since it’s not a music concert).
Performing artistes will only be a side attraction and will be expensive. If you can’t afford an artiste, I’ll advice that you invite people who are well known in the fashion industry.

There are other things that needs to be looked into such as PUBLICITY which Is a very important part of the event.

In my next article about event business I’ll be writing about sponsorships.


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