Queen Phoebeana Imafidon of Mrs Commonwealth Nigeria visits The Virtuous Widows

Queen Phoebeana Imafidon of Mrs Commonwealth Nigeria paid an official visit to the Virtuous Widows, Ajah, Lagos. The visit was geared towards her Project Peaches quest to give back to the society at large.

According to queen Phoebeana Imafidon, this was the first official visit from her office to the group of women who have decided to come together to encourage one another, inspire and support themselves. The queen arrived in the meeting venue of the virtuous widows association in a beautiful African dress, beaming with smiles.


Madam Ify , president of the association , and her group of excited widows, all danced to the gate entrance of the venue, with songs and chants, to welcome the queen.

They opened up the event with an opening act in words , poem & playlet presentations, expressing their love & needs. The queen was deeply moved with compassion as she addressed them like a true queen. She won their hearts.


The queen’s words rekindled hope in the hearts of these widows, who saw gazed her with full attention and saw her as answers in a vessel to their cries .


In her words, “I am an ambassador of the commonwealth Nigeria pageant, and I have been sent to you from the commonwealth secretariat, to know what you are about, your area of needs , challenges and concerns. This will enable us to know how Mrs Commonwealth Nigeria office can be of help to you .

At the end of the queen’s remarks, the president of  Virtuous Widows Association summarized their needs as;

1 . They need support to build homes for widows who have no shelter, cannot presently afford to pay rents , and are living in dungeons. The association request for the rentals and acquisition of low cost houses and lands for many of her members.

2. Some of them, who are primary and secondary school certificate holders, desire employment.

3. Some already acquired one or two skills but require finance to effectively put these skills to use and convert to money. e.g. a tailor needs sewing machine, a soap maker requires raw materials, a road side bean cake (akara) maker requires equipment and ingredients, etc.

5. We also need further training and adult education for those who do not have the opportunity to go to a formal school when their husband were alive. They also need additional skill acquisition training for new members.

Mrs Commonwealth Nigeria

mrs commonwealth Nigeria

The queen in her response, promised to convey their message to the commonwealth secretariat.

The president and her excos, were deeply touched and full of love for the queen. They uniamously announced her as their second national matron of the association. and the queen seeing such love, was moved ,though shocked, but went ahead to fulfill their desire and accepted the position.

The queen presented the association with few donations which included : toiletries, soaps, drinks, inspiration books for women, Rhapsody of Realities and other devotionals for their children.

Queen Phoebeana Imafidon was accompanied by Mr. Ndubisi ( pressman for eventnews.com.ng), Mr. Steve Wealth ( Mrs commonwealth secretary) among others.


Group pictures were taken and the queen was escorted to the car. The occasion ended with shouts of songs and  dancing by the president of the association and her group of excited widows.


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  1. Woooow so much to learn here, i never knew that there were many widows in Lagos, thanks to Queen Phoebeaya Imafidon, of the common wealth of Nigeria who just open our eyes to another side of Turth in our community…

    1. Queen Phoebeana Imafidon of Mrs Commonwealth Nigeria has been doing great jobs through her office. Kudos to her and her supporters. May the good Lord continue to give her more insights.

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