The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Yes, weddings are joyful occasions, but, sometimes, planning one can be anything but that. Sure, you can probably sweat through it, but it may pay to call in professional reinforcements. Here, we consider the pros and cons of using a wedding planner.



They’ll sweat the details.

Chances are you’ve never planned an event of this magnitude.  Wedding planners have done this before — a lot — so they can help you wrangle details you might otherwise overlook. Planners can also help you make the most of your budget and allocate it properly.

They have insider knowledge of the local market. Planners can be a godsend if you’re putting together a wedding in a city where you don’t reside. But locals can benefit, too, because they’ve likely worked with most of the venues and vendors in town. “Since many of us are full-time event planners, we are networking and researching vendors and suppliers to build our network and to stay ahead of the trends almost  “If we have a client who is looking for a cinematic photographer, finding one does not take weeks of research and sending emails that appear to go into the ether. It’s one phone call.”


They’ll spend their time, not yours. Your wedding planner has the time to chase down obscure details and stay in constant contact with vendors for the day-to-day question .They’ll troubleshoot if something goes awry during the ceremony or reception — and something always does — you don’t have to take care of it. They’ll worry so you don’t have to.



You have to relinquish some control. If you’re the type who can’t stand the idea of not doing everything yourself, it might be hard for you to turn over the details for one of the biggest events you’re likely to have. It’s not impossible, of course, “Contrary to what I was told when I first got into the business, Type-A clients work well with planners; in fact, I think they make us better planners.” However, you need, to be honest with yourself about whether it’s something you can do comfortably. If so, an online marketplace for finding event venues be sure that your planner is as detail-oriented as you are and has values and communication styles that align with your own.

It’s an additional cost.

Yes, planners have an inside track, which means they can sometimes they can save you money — but not always. If your budget is already stretched, but you could really use help, consider a day-of coordinator. They often offer multiple tiers of service. Be sure to ask for a customized service if you don’t see what you need on the planner’s initial price list. You can also chose a venue with prepackaged services.  It’s not a con necessarily, but if you choose a venue that offers prepackaged services, it’s unlikely you’ll need a planner’s services. Hope you enjoyed this few things and weekly we would bring you more inspirational articles to blow your mind …..xoxo

Source: City People Magazine


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  1. The greatest planning is having the Reverend Father/Pastor/Minister bless the marriage vows and perfect the union before God and Man

    Rice, meat,plastic gifts, canopy and wines can go.

  2. Hiring a wedding planner comes a very high cost in Nigeria. If you have the money to spend, hire one if not plan your wedding yourself abeg. After all, there is no best wedding and there is no worst wedding. Wedding na wedding.

  3. I will like to see someone good cash in on this huge market especially for celebrity wedding.

  4. As long as they are reputable and gets the job done….they are the best options for occasions

  5. Your con isn’t a con, even you stated it.

    women take weddings seriously so they will definitely be involved with the planning and getting feedback from the planner. And it’s the wedding planner’s job to stick to budget.

  6. I can’t use a wedding planner, I am not very good at delegation of duties_ hopeless perfectionist

  7. wedding planner for what? when I have sooo many aunties, cousins, my mum and myself. abeg e

  8. I wouldnt even engage their services. I would rather do it myself and the way i want things done.
    Some of them wont do things just as directed. They would rather do it their way

  9. my friend got married and he used one planner called ipcevents. on instagram @ipcevents

    she has to be the worst planner ever. she did things totally her way and refused to listen to instructions. she actually almost ruined the wedding. do you know she even locked guests out of the reception venue and refused to let them in because it ‘was not 1pm’ yet. bear in mind that the church service was over and the IV read ‘reception follows immediately after the church wedding. so guests were basically standing outside in the hot nigerian sun and loittering around the venue? meanwhile, the venue was already arranged and ready but she instructed the bouncers to close the doors and not let anybody including the parents of the couple.

    this is a lady that charged 6 figures for her services and also got generous cuts from the hall owners and other vendors she ‘recommended’.

    at a point she was nowhere to be found. to add more insult to injury, she changed into a glittery gown at the reception and was busy catwalking up and down. i actually thought she was the bride. how can a wedding planner try to upstage a bride on her wedding day i guess she was trying to get eligible bachelors to notice her. her list of offences that day were mind blowing.

    that experience put me off anything wedding planner. if my woman can’t handle the wedding plans/arrangements herself, i will take charge and get it done myself.

    1. Good. It will be great if Nigerians can give reviews.

      The best wedding planner so far in port-harcour is one lady, 3003events.

      She’s just that one person that you can put all your eggs in her basket and not get scared.

      I wish I took her cellphone number, I’ve spotted her at 4 different weddings.
      All, touchdown.

  10. I agree. people especially the grooms and brides need to start naming and shaming all these wedding planners.

    most of them just deceive people on instagram and its almost impossible to get honest reviews from their previous clients about their services.

    as someone that has attended several weddings and a professional ‘groomsman’ , i was disgusted with the services of that planner. totally disgusted.

    she effectively embarrassed the parents of the couple as well as their relatives and friends. imagine old men and women who came from as far as kogi state and left their home as early as 4am only to get to the reception after attending the church service and told they have to remain outside – standing in the hot sun.

    1. Imagine, all thanks to Photoshop, they steal images on Google to boost their Instagram profile.

      And Nigerians, we hardly do the reverse image search.

  11. Nice post OP. Are u a planner? I’m a comedian/MC. Please view my last topic on Nairaland to watch how I anchor weddings

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