Projectseed launches 2nd edition of Campus CEO at university of Abuja

Abuja people are you ready? Projectseed – campus ceo event is set to storm university of Abuja for a one day youth empowerment summit tagged “The next generation of Entrepreneurs to solve global problems”. The maiden edition of CEO on campus event took place on May 20th at university of Ilorin, Kwara state.
According to the convener of campus CEO, Mr Ayobami Oludele, expectations are so high and we have made alot of effort to ensure we get a higher success stories compared to that of unilorin. He also added that this edition is going to be more practically oriented. The first edition at university of Ilorin was in partnership with SMEDAN and they really made a positive impart in making the event a success.
The movement for emancipation of Nigerian youths led by Ajiboye Abdul-Azeez Okoyekola, a statistics student of university of Abuja requested for the launching of campus CEO at Abuja. This request was inspired by the success stories from the maiden edition that took place at Unilorin.
According to Jayeoba Olunike – one of the participants at unilorin maiden edition, the event was an eye opener for her.

Projectseed ceo in campus is set to empower 500 students in different areas of skill and business development. More details from the event coming son


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