Patrick Utomi and 5 others to Speak at The Platform 2015 – #NigeriaSoFar

Patrick Utomi and 5 others are set to Speak at The Platform 2015 as Pastor Poju Oyemade of The Covenant Christian Centre invites you to the 2015 edition of The Platform Nigeria. This is  an event set on driving public policy in Nigeria on Independence Day (October 1st). It will take place at The Covenant Place, Iganmu (beside the National Theatre) and will commence at 9 a.m. prompt.

According to the visionary, “this edition of the Platform is designed to create … much needed citizen participation in fashioning out the best approach our nation needs in order to be counted as an emergent nation of the global stage.”

Here’s the line-up of speakers and their respective discussion topics:

1. Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah (Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto)

Nigeria: Euphoria, Hysteria and Dementia, Still a Long Walk to Freedom.

2. Judy Smith ( Crisis-management expert, Former Deputy Press Secretary to President George H. W. Bush)

Leading Through Crisis: What Every Leader Should Know

3. Patrick Utomi (Professor of Political Economy and Management Expert)

Institutions, Culture and Inclusive Rapid Private Sector Growth

4. Pius Adesanmi ( Professor of English and African Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)

Hating Nigeria to Greatness

5. Bolanle Austen-Peters (Founder, Terra Kulture and Media Producer)

How the Arts and Culture Sector Accelerates Economic Growth.

6. Segun Adeniyi (Former Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Late President UmarU Musa Yar’Adua)


Attendance is free but you must register to secure a seat.

Click here to register.

Source: Connect Nigeria

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  1. ” THE PLATFORM” is a highly commendable venture. I see the entire package as one aimed at bringing a new sense of orientation towards building a new Nigeria, where we will all stand up tall and say no to corruption and every form of evil, and the negative practices that tend to tear us apart as one nation. The present administration should do all possible not to bring on board any past (corrupt) leader with questionable character. If not we will be making the same mistakes that have brought this untold hardship upon the so called low class and common Nigerian.
    The President, if serious about the Change he wants to bring to the table,should appoint the likes of Prof. Patrick Utomi, Nuhu Ribadu, and other decent, young, well-focused, well meaning,tenacious and positive minded Nigerians to help salvage the country from this state of mediocrity and ignominouus abandon that our past wicked and trechrous leaders have left his nation in.
    Like the President made mention in his speech, every Nigerian should stand for what is true, just and honest. I believe that the Almighty God has allowed P.M.B to become Nigerias’s leader at this time for a positive reason, let us all support and help him build the Nigeria that we all would be proud of.
    How I wish that the voice of every Nigerian matters,and that the Senate is unbiased and patriotic, having the rule of law paramount and ultimate above all selfishness and prejudice;country would be a safe haven for all of us to live, study and do our legitimate businesses.
    I see a Nigeria where the issue of Power, Education and other infrastructural/ basic amenities of life will be provided for all Nigerians to enjoy and shun the so called greener pastures of the western world.
    We hope that the new NNPC team will not dissapoint the confidence reposed on them on the long run and bring about the desired change in the oil sector. As a Nigerian, I also wish that the President will not appoint himself the petroleum minister, but would rather appoint the right technocrat in that sector, with a good heart to help clean up entirely the mess created by the last petroleum minister. Such a person would report directly to the President on all matters regarding that ministry’s affairs. That way, he would be able to monitor every activity of the ministry and help build more refineries in the country, instead of appointing ministers that will build personal refineries outside the country and in turn buy our oil and resell to us.
    Though our oil has enabled us so far and much, more effort should be directed towards sustainable mechanised agriculture so as to reduce our overdependence on importation of agro goods.
    The defaulters should be made to face the full wrath of the law and not patted in the back like the immediate past administration did to the likes of Bode George and the likes, whom after indirectly sending menu pensioners to their untimely grave was given a fine of less than two million Naira and a a two year jail term. By all means possible, that man should face life imprisonment. Well that happened in the last administration. The President Buhari we all know and trust will not condone such evil without bringing the perpetrators to book.
    On a final note, President Buhari should allow a forum where the young and the grey-headed in the corridors of power should be allowed to mingle and share ideas as to the better way forward for our dear country. This is our country, there is no other place better than our Nigeria, if we all put our hands together to make it that Nigeria of our dreams.
    May God continue to bless our dear country Nigeria.

    1. Mr. Dave E. Mba, you have spoken well. In as much as we are in the season of change, we still believe in Nigeria as better days are yet to come. God bless Nigeria.

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