Meet the youngest member of the NECA’s Network of entrepreneurial women

The 2016 edition of the NECA’s Network of the entrepreneurial women summit recorded a great success and has left a lasting impart in the lives of women. New members where inducted during the event and we where privileged to meet with the youngest among the inductees.

Let’s meet Omodolapo Rahman.

She is a graduate of mass communication from Bowen universities. Omodolapo is the third child of a family of four. Her passion for art and creativity drew our attention.

In her words,

I must confess that it;s been an expository and thought provoking summit  all the way. Most especially with the various speakers that have been able to educate, motivate and challenging us through well regarding rich and well delivered lecture. I must say that the quest speakers that featured yesterday actually made my day and in looking forward to having the same experience today.

See our chat with Omodolapo below.

How does your course of study relate with your business?

Yeah… it does relate to a large extent because I actually studied  Integrated marketing in communication.  This has to do with studying different tools of communication to disseminating your information to your target audience.

Tell us how you got into business.

Business has always being a part of me right from my childhood days. This is because my mum saw I and my siblings too young to know what business it. I can vividly remember how she used to encourage us to stay in her shop and watch her transactions with her customers. After a while, it became a natural thing for I and my siblings to manage the shop in her absence. This has equipped us to be able to several marketing activities with confidence.

After graduation, I engaged in job search for a little while with no avail. The circumstances at that moment prompted me to start business. And so I decided to set up my own business outfit in early 2016.

What’s your business all about?

The name of my business outfit is You Clothing & Textiles. At You clothing, we proffer solutions to individuals. We produce by-spoke quality Adire / Kampala fabrics for clientele. We also offer our clientele various innovative Adire products such as clutch purse, shoes, bags, bedspreads and the likes.

What are your aspirations?

My aspiration is to get to the peak of my career by being a renowned indigenous fabric producer all over the world. We also intend to empower the less privileged through our skill acquisition training programmes.

How did you get to know about NNEW?

Actually, I was introduced by a client who was impressed by my products.

How can we get in touch with you?

My temporary business address is 72b, James Robertson street, off Alhaji Masha road, Surulere, Lagos. I am also readily available on the following platforms.

WhatsApp and Phone ==>> [c_button id=”ct_custom_3351477062400″ url=”07082760557″ target=”_blank” bg_color=”#” bg_color_hover=”#” text_color=”#” text_color_hover=”#”]07082760557[/c_button] [c_button id=”ct_custom_5721477062400″ url=”http://www.facebook.com/youadirekampala” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#” bg_color_hover=”#” text_color=”#” text_color_hover=”#”]Facebook[/c_button] [c_button id=”ct_custom_5761477062400″ url=”http://www.twitter/youadire” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#” bg_color_hover=”#” text_color=”#” text_color_hover=”#”]Twitter[/c_button] [c_button id=”ct_custom_6781477062400″ url=”http://www.instagram.com/youadirekampala” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#” bg_color_hover=”#” text_color=”#” text_color_hover=”#”]Instagram[/c_button] [c_button id=”ct_custom_8611477062400″ url=”#” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#” bg_color_hover=”#” text_color=”#” text_color_hover=”#”]youadirekampala@gmail.com[/c_button]




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