NLC’s 12th National Confab Begins Today

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC 12th National Delegates Conference will hold from Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th February, 2019 at the International Conference Centre (ICC) Abuja with the theme “Towards a Decade of Activism for the Promotion of Labour Unity, National Rebirth and Development”.

The  conference takes place after the 40th anniversary of the NLC and affiliate industrial unions last year. It was also remarkable because NLC had recorded great achievements such as the new minimum wage of N30,000.

The historic conference will give all delegates the opportunity to face up to the challenges of the Congress’s growth and unity. The Conference will usher in a united labour movement in actions in defense of workers’ rights, revival of industries and deepening of democratic process in Nigeria.

It was reportedly that there will be a robust resolutions among which should be the reinvention of the Labour Party to serve as platform for the working class to struggle for political power within the democratic dispensation.

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