Mumble Jumble Movie to be Viewed in 20 Universities

A newly released film, ‘Mumble Jumble’, is set to hit the streets. It will first be viewed by students in 20 universities across the country.

This was made known by the producer and director of the movie, Comedian Koffi Idowu-Nuel in a chat with Journalists.

Koffi said the film is a hip hop drama which aimed at inspiring the youth to focus on achieving their dreams and defy the different hurdles of life.

“The movie tour will begin at the University of Lagos, Akoka, (UNILAG) as soon as it is released.

“We have shot the movie and we have been waiting for the censor board to give us permit to air it. And then, we don’t want to follow the same pattern that people expect. We are trying to build a culture around it.

“It is a movie about hope, and we want to take it straight to the students. We are going to about 20 universities so that we can reach the students.

“We can reach them with that powerful message that no matter how hard it is in life, you can always make it through. If you have dreams in life and someone is trying to pull you down, you just need to rediscover yourself and keep going.”

Koffi explained that he has made his mark on virtually every sector.

“I am the only entertainer, comedian, actor, singer, producer, director that has an award in everything in entertainment,” he said.

“I just play around with everything around me, I have acted different kinds of roles. For me it is just being you. Continuously been you, and that for me is fulfillment.”

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