Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival

Where are you going to be on the 14th of October to 16th of October? Don’t worry, I have got a better plan for you! Lagos Food Drink Festival (In my own word)

If you are a lover of food and drinks like me then The Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival (LIFDF) is for you.

At times, I wonder why someone would come up with this beautiful idea, whoever the organizers are I can not but thank you because this is sure going to be the biggest  celebration of food and drinks  in Nigeria and it’s happening in Lagos.

To start with, what is a food festival? 

It is imperative that I define this so read on! (I am just excited, Common! we are talking about food here… not even in this economic recession, ok bye… let’s go on) according wiki, it is a festival, usually held annually, that uses food, often produce, as its central theme. These festivals have always been a means of uniting communities through celebrations of harvests and giving thanks for a plentiful growing season. Same thing applies to drink.
LIFDF is going to be spanning for three (3) awesome days. Now, one major attraction of this event is that it consist of over 16 fun events, you sure won’t regret making out time for this one.
Highlights of the event are:
The FoodFest Oh dear! This is going to consist of different delicacies from over 80 ethnicity in Nigeria! You know the taste of Ikokore Ijebu, Afang soup, Banga, Edikaikong, Amala and Gbegiri…the list is endless… you must be licking your lips by now……
The BeerFest Here you get to feel the taste of locally made beers…..also during this event we are going to know the “king of Nigerian beers” (You might want to drink responsibly …..Winks)
Wine Tasting Growing up, I used to have a friend, we call him taste and tell. The reason is because no matter the wine you give him, he will tell you the name and the year…now that’s huge! So i put it up to you… yes YOU how good are you with wines? come find out here!


Are you a “Cookaholic” meaning can you make anything with food? The event alaso gives opportunity for talented chefs and cooks to showcase themselves. Are you going to be the best cook in Nigeria? Come find out here as you prepare your best delicacy!
Others are Exhibition & sales, Live music, comedy and yes, AFTER PARTY!
Having said all the above, how then do you gain access to this event? Believe me it is absolutely FREE!!!

Why we love this event

One thing I also love about this event is the location. MURI OKUNOLA Park, easily accessible, security on point and you definitely going to love it here! (The beautiful Muri Okunola Park is located at the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria next to the Lagos Law School).
Date: October 14 – 16-2016 (Starting today)
Venue: Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island.
Time: 10am – 10pm daily

I will not want to go for an event like this alone, NEVER! Share with friends. Hit the share button below.


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