Jextoban Secondary School Valedictory and Graduation Ceremony 2015

The members of the Jextoban Secondary School Class of 2015 gathered yesterday 11th July 2015 to take their final bows during a valedictory and graduation ceremony at the school’s Ibafo campus. The opening speech was based on strive for goodness. The chairman charged them to go forth and turn this nation into an excellence place to be. He also told them to:

  • See God first.
  • Sacrifice to learn.
  • Sincerely determine, dedicate and control your appetite.
  • Discipline their life and spend below their earnings.
  • Live a life of decency.
  • and don’t be difficult to be controlled.

According to the chairman, one of their student is currently in china for training in Chinese language. That’s interesting

Could you believe that the Nigeria’s queen of Mathematics Prof Olabisi Ugbebor was at the event. She is the first woman to be a Professor of Mathematics from the University of Ibadan. Born in Lagos and educated at Queen’s College, she gained admission to study Mathematics in 1969 at the University of Ibadan. The university later sponsored her to the University of London for a PhD, which she got in 1976 at the age of 25.

She also said she got 102% in mathematics when she was in form 3.

This was how it happened

When I was in form 3 we had a student in our class who was not very brilliant, she came to me and I explained to her with a simpler method. When I got to exam hall I saw that same question that I explained to her. Then I used that simpler method and our teacher Mr Grill was marveled. The teacher said she cannot see where to put red in my script and due to the method I used which was simpler than his method, That was what earned me extra two marks.

During her speech,  she spoke about how three institutions prepared her to compete in a male-dominated field and how Mathematics can be made attractive to both teachers and students. She said she came from a family where they were taught to duel with the bible, live by the bible and now she is enjoying the bible. She also said that hard work has helped her to be where she is today.

One of the graduating student Ofili Paul popularly known as the academic star of Jextoban was given the academic star award. He has represented the school in several competitions. He got A1 parallel in his exams. He is a genius.

The out going head girl, Agboola Titilayo Mary  was also awarded the Valedictorian award. Titi has also represented the school in several competitions. On behalf the school, she represented Lagos State at the university of Ibadan for an inter state competition. Titi made a fantastic speech and she admonished her colleagues to dress well, respect people and to remain a good ambassador of Jextoban. She encouraged parents to bring more of their wards to Jextoban. She summarized her speech by saying:

Challenges can not kill dreams. Note that intelligence plus character equals true education. Don’t forget that the secret to success is been open to failure. Don’t forget to believe in God because even your shadow will leave you in darkness.

She ended by saying a ward of prayer that parents will not labour in vain in Jesus name. Amen.

The cake was cut by the graduating students that were awarded.

See beautiful photos below:

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