How Ireti Doyle Broke Patrick Doyle’s Dumped Him Due To Industry Pressure

Popular Nollywood’s most talked about couples, Ireti Doyle and her husband Patrick Doyle called their relationship quit a while back but the report leaked to the media last week after the actress relocated.

While the reason for their break-up is still unclear, sources said Patrick and Ireti ended their relationship after thoughtful consideration and chose to remain friends.



According to Kemi Ashefon, some of their colleagues who worked with the duo while in NTA expressed surprise at this development.

According to an online news source Gbera TV, they hinted that Iretiola left Patrick Doyle having given in to ‘peer pressure.’

Peer pressure? A 50-year-old whose first daughter is married (she had Bimbo at 17) can’t simply fall into that trap.

“Why wouldn’t we call it peer pressure? We called the husband and he said there was no problem before she decided having a separation. Ireti would tell you that her husband is easy-going—Patrick is loving and not fussy.

Before they got married, he was always helping her to have a hang of what television, presenting and acting was all about.

He was the one taking Ireti from one studio to the other when he was at NTA and made sure she got her footing right in television production. He was her pillar of support from when she was nobody.

I remember many years ago when Patrick lost his wife. We were surprised at his decision to remarry early and we all saw how she also rode on the wings of his fame and name.

Now that the media is tagging her an A-list actress, she now has high-class friends and her taste has changed to urbane lifestyle.


Credit: Gbera TV

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