Exhibitors Flaunt Brands at First NASSI Lagos Trade Fair

The best of jewelries was flaunted by Back & Better Jewelers. The brand which is a household name in beaded crafts displayed their breath taking products. You can contact Back & Better Jewelers at Suite 5, 2nd floor, Anny Plaza, Lagos Island, Lagos. You can also call 08023173778 or 08092550962

A recycling expert Mrs Metilda Taiwo who owns Goodwire stitches also exhibiting at the NASSI fair spoke to Successbox about her products and the need to embrace recycling in Nigeria. You can contact Matilda at 32, Odebunmi Afonka Street, Opposite Afonka police station, Moshalashi bus stop, Shasha. Tel: 08023420125, 08033777966

The health sector was not left out as Ruch investment and Manufacturing Limited pulled participants attention to their health products. According to Dr. Teju, the managing director of Ruch investment, they produce Moringa herbal tea. Moringa happens to be one of the key gift of God to mankind. Moringa contains vitamins, minerals and key ingredients that are needed for our immune system.

Bedroomatters Interior & Exterior Limited was also at the NASSI event. According to the CEO of the brand Vera Onwujobi, the company specializes in production of bedding, throw pillows, duvets, bed sheets etc. They also have a touch of made in Nigeria batik and the likes. This gives their products unique touch which speaks the language of Africa. Wherever you find products from Bedroomatters Interior & Exterior, it will always represent what Africa stands for. Contact Bedroomatters at Industrial Development Centre, Ibeshe road, Ikorodu, Lagos. 08027505407, 08095764441



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