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The platform is about bringing in top celebrity comedians, musicians, dancers and public (motivational) speakers and as well as the chairman of the local government of Ojo. All under one roof to watch, listen and celebrate hungry to deliver, talented and purpose driven Ojo comedians, musicians, dancers and public speakers. This is with the hope and intention that these local talents can be given a bigger and better platform by our celebrity guests in the nearest future.

The platform will also be an avenue to preach to young entertainers the gospel of self believe, consistency and the need to keep hope alive

The platform also intends to bring the Lagos Island celebrity resident down to the Lagos Mainland or even Lowland and give them a feel our struggles, show them how talented and hungry we are, tell them we are always “keeping hope alive.” And above all let them see what we can do if given a PLATFORM.

  •  If given a platform, we will sing the best of songs
  • If given a platform, we will crack the funniest jokes ever heard
  • If given a platform, we will inspire the world to greatness
  • If given a platform, we will act the movies with great cultural and national values
  • If given a platform, we will become a voice to the voiceless
  •  If given a platform, we will rewrite our stories
  • If given a platform, we will showcase dance moves never seen before
  • If given a platform, we will climb the highest mountain and get to the peak of our careers
  •  If given a platform, we will trade with our seeds and produce a thick forest.
  • But we aren’t given a platform, so we’re creating a local platform with international standard, so we can get the much needed international platforms that we desire.

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1. To create an avenue where Ojo boys and girls can become a “voice” in the entertainment industry.
2. To see young aspiring entertainers at the peak of their career maintaining the highest standards.
3. Make Ojo local government of excellence in establishing young vibrant, purposeful and creative entertainers.
4. Promote Ojo Local government in the area of entertainment and business.


1. To create a platform for young and aspiring entertainers.
2. To bring young and aspiring entertainers and celebrity entertainers under one roof.
3. Advocate for the development of young and aspiring entertainers within the local government (Ojo) and its environs.
4. Promote Ojo through young brands ambassadors like “Akpororo.”
5. Mentorship and management of Ojo entertainers by top professional celebrity in the industry
6. Hope to make other bigger and better platform with international standards available for them


1. Get interested partners and role models in the within the local government.
2. Share the vision with them.
3. Begin to run with the vision by getting other individuals and stake holders in the local government involved for partnership, support and sponsorship.
4. Get intended celebrity guests involved by visiting them and telling them about the vision.
5. Start promotion of the event.
6. Start planning.

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