Eventnews Africa, The Nation, TVC, Greenland Music, Others Set To Support #Unbridle2.0 | @unbridleafrica

Have you heard of the latest event in Nigeria? Its Unbridle2.0. We are glad to announce to you the noble platforms who have taken time out of their busy schedule to support the second edition of Unbridle2.0.

What is Unbridle event about? This is an event that gives you the opportunity to maximize your potentials. Have you ever wondered why some talent oriented people find it difficult to make a maximum use of their potentials. Unbride2.0 is a better place to discover such.

The supporters of this event includes K-licious Cakes and Bread, Mabolu, Nesbitte & Noma, Soletread productions, T.E.N.N, Eventnews Africa, Praiseworldrld Radio, The Nation, Greenland Music, EventSplash, TVC, Wassana Ent., Udymosblog.com.

How do you apply for unbridle 2.0

Click the link below for details on how to apply #‎UNBRIDLE2‬.0 – Another Opportunity To Maximize Your Creative Potentials.


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