Children in Cinema To Mark World Book Day

The Young Bookworms, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that seeks to increase access to education for less-privileged children in the society, held a school community cinema screening at Takwa Bay to celebrate this year World Book Day, .

Project Consultant, The Young Bookworms, Miss Lola James, said the aim of the movie screening was to inspire the less-privileged children to look beyond their immediate environment to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

“Through this initiative, we screen inspirational movies to less-advantaged pupils in grassroots communities to inspire them to remain relentless in their pursuit of their dreams in life,” she said.

Miss James, a Public Health professional, said the group planned to screen four movies annually – one per quarter – in each of the communities it works in.

She said the group has worked in Makoko, Tarkwa Bay, Yaba and Ijero areas of Lagos.

Over 110 pupils from four primary schools watched Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson story, at the Takwa Bay Town Hall.

She said the movie tells the story of how young Ben Carson overcame growing up in a broken home, poverty and racial prejudice to become a leading neurosurgeon and later politician.

She expressed hopes that the film would inspire the children to become successful in the future despite setbacks while growing up.

The Young Bookworms was launched in November 2015 with the vision to help young children through book reading and leisure activities value the pursuit of knowledge and appreciation of literature.

The group also seeks to make book reading an interactive and engaging activity and ensure that children have access to textbooks and other educational materials.

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