Astonishing!!! A House Built Upside Down


Architects have left people scratching heads in wonder after they designed a house which was built upside down.

Building and designing a new house of your own might seem like a topsy-turvy experience, and for a group of architects in Taiwan it certainly was.

On commission from the Culture Department, they designed and built an American-style family house with one crucial difference: the home and everything in it – from the car to the appliances to the toys on the floor are upside down.

The colourful home has three floors, a master bedroom and bath, and a garage. And there is a generous 3,230 square feet of ceiling – or floor space.

The car in the garage is attached to the ceiling, an outdoor staircase at ground level leads to the third-floor living room and its ceiling furniture, and the appliances are real, with working lights throughout.

The overhead fireplace, though, is an LCD screen of a cosy fire.

The designers paid close attention to details: the pasta on the dinner table hangs vertically as do the bathroom towels, and a computer in the study has yellow sticky notes attached.

The project is on display at Huashan Creative Park in Taipei, a site that was once a Japanese plum wine factory but has been turned into an arty warehouse with hip restaurants and a theatre showing independent films.

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