Apple kicked off its big event about the future of TV with a clever nod to its past

Apple started its even on Monday with a colorful video created by a fictional studio “Think different.”
It’s filled with references to Apple products old and new, setting the stage for Apple’s TV Plus announcement.

After months of rumors and speculation, Apple finally took the wraps off its plans to break into the television market with Apple TV Plus and the revamped Apple TV app.

To communicate that message from the onset, Apple kicked off its keynote with a video created by a fictional studio called “Think different,” a nod to Apple’s famous marketing slogan from the late 90s. The clip is full of references to Apple products old and new as well as the company’s history. For example, it starts out saying that the production is “starring Macintosh” with a “special appearance by the phone that changed phones forever” and sound by “HomePod.” There’s a throwback to those famous dancing iPod commercials, too.

The video set the stage for Apple’s announcements on Monday, with its new Apple TV Plus unveil serving as the centerpiece of the presentation. Apple invited top-tier talent such as Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, Steve Carell, and Steven Spielberg to the stage to discuss the new shows they’re developing for the platform. Apple has not yet said when the service will launch or how much it will cost, but we’re expecting to hear more about that in the fall.

Source; Pulse

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