AMVCA: What have we learnt?

A lot of people migh have their own reservations about award events in Nigeria and the world over.
I remember the Kanye West saga at an award, I also remembered one celebrity in Nigeria asking Lil Kesh to ‘pull a Kanye’ on the Headies Award if he didn’t get the Next Rated award. I’m sure we all witnessed what happened…  Olamide slamming the Microphone while Don Jazzy said ‘Ebgon Olamide if you want the car come and collect the key’ I’m sure you all remember the drama that ensued. Ok, so I heard it was Dangote who called them to settle the ‘beef’. But that’s all in the past now.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award has come and gone but the memories still linger on just like every other award. The pains of missing out on an award category which you expected to bag and the joys of winning an unexpected award. I’ll say congratulations to Falz on his first movie award, way to go man, keep it up.

While other celebrities were getting dressed and others strutting away on the red carpet, Yvonne Nelson was in her home tweeting away bitternes she had in her.

Honestly tho….Shouldn’t have submitted my movie! Crew told me.Awards are meaningless! Pointless! Thanks but no thanks. GMA? A big JOKE—

Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh)

Yvonne Nelson

She was pained that her movie didn’t make the nomination with stating that the Award organizers chose only who ”they are cool with or need favours from”.

But wait, why wouldn’t the AMVCA recognize her work which she spent a lot to produce and market?
Yvonne, I don’t know why you are pained, was it only your movie that didn’t make the list?

Contradicting, right? I’m just trying to pick a comfortable side of the fence to sit on but I realized the top of the fence is safer.

A lot of flashy and expensive clothes and accessories but one didn’t fail to catch the eye. Let me quickly add that I’m not a fan of flashy things but I’ll buy them anyway.

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke! It’s been long he made headlines but the stunt he pulled at the AMVCA 2016 was cool. The shorts looked cool and then it didn’t…  What? You should know by now that I’ll be in the fence.

But what’s your business about what a person wears to an event, it’s his image not yours, get a bottle of your favourite drink and take your chill pill.


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