Ali Baba leads Nigerian comedians to Houston in $1000 ticket show

Nigeria’s King of Comedy, Ali Baba is being advertised at the head of an array of Nigerian comic acts for a comedy show in Houston Texas on Sunday.

It will be Ali Baba’s first show at the Baby Premium Venue, 11107 Bellaire Blvd Houston.

The least gate fee is $30, while VVIP will pay $100 and a table for 10 will cost $1,000.

The comedy show, as reported by Houston Chronicle, underscores the increasing popularity of Nigerian comedy in the city, not just to entertain the more than 150,000 Nigerians living there, but also African-Americans.

The poster of the Houston comedy event, parading other stars such as teju Babyface

Camilo Hannibal Smith, a Correspondent of the newspaper reports on how Nigerian-accented comedy is making waves in the city.

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