Airtel Nigeria Is Set To Host Training Workshop for Journalists

Airtel Nigeria is set to host a four-city-four-week multimedia journalism training and roadshow for 100 journalists in Nigeria. Its first session will take place in Lagos on 27 July. Participants will be taught the tools and techniques required for more compelling digital media content that reaches vast audiences. Mr. Dan Mason, an international trainer and specialist in online, mobile and social media, will function as the event’s lead facilitator. Other sessions will be held in Ibadan (3-8 August); Abuja (10-17 August) and Port Harcourt (17-21 August). Segun Ogunsanya, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria stated that the initiative is a testimony of the company’s commitment to creating empowerment platforms, Nigeria Communications Week reports. “The epic growth of smart phones and social media has turned news upside-down.

To stay ahead, journalists need to create compelling stories which would not only be shared on social but also easily accessible on mobile devices. It is our delight to support journalists in Nigeria to perform optimally in this mobile age. Media audiences will also get better engaged while media owners should expect increased traffic to their platforms. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Ogunsanya.

Training topics will include mobile video and audio, data and charts, infographics, maps, timelines, interactive images and more, underpinned by the power of social media. If you would like to apply, send an email to Taiwo Obe – founder@thejournalismclinic.com – or follow the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #AirtelChangeYourStory

Source: Connect Nigeria


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