African Child: Talent show exposes the need for better attention on Education and talent

As the world celebrates this year’s international Day of the African child, more calls have gone out to the government to pay more attention to the welfare of children and their  education.

At an event put together by Global Champions, children of different selected schools in Lagos took turns to display talents in music, dance, recitations and choreography.

The displays at the event drew the attention of the public who emphasized that a lot of children are out there with lot of skills and talents but do not have platform to be discovered.

Special guest at the event and popular Nollywood actor and film maker, Hakeem Rahman while speaking with Eventnews Africa said “Parents should work harder in bringing out the best in their children. So many kids are talented but too shy to display such talents in public. With this kind of platform, they will sharpen their skills for better tomorrow.”

Top Nigerian Schools that featured at the International African Child event includes Toklak School, Blossom Spings, De Heritage of Faith, Sound Mind, King’s Field, the Godswill Schools, Larb Schools and Mart Marg Kiddies.

Artistes who performed at the event includes Boy of God, Jaspocartel, News, Royal Voices, Starflames among others.

Two young kids of Mart Marg Kiddies named Jayden (2years old ) and Jason (4years old ) exhibited their puzzles skills at the event.

It is believed that very many youths would not have issues of employment if their talents are harnessed in time.


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