Ogun State Are You Ready? MayorBEE-Global Set To Hold Empowerment & Leadership Summit

Youth empowerment has become an area of interest for most organizations. Get ready to join us as  MayorBEE-Global is set to hold Empowerment & Leadership Summit in Remo land, Ogun State, Nigeria. This summit will create an opportunity for  youths in Remo land to have a formidable and creative resource that can be harnessed. R.E.A.L. Summit is an annual gathering of Youths and various leaders to dialogue on youth and community development related topics.

Do you know that this summit is believed to be a significant platform for the youth leaders from all districts of Remoland and its sub-region to seriously engage into constructive dialogue and share their ideas about the youth empowerment and development agenda as critical actors and equal partners.The Summit is also expected to bring the youth leaders to dialogue with Local Government leaders and representatives.

Why this Youth Summit?
This R.E.A.L. Summit was developed out of the idea of Mayowa Adegbuyi of MayorBEE-Global Ventures for Youths and Leaders from across the Remoland, in Ogun State to come together to evaluate and address various critical youth issues (unemployment, entrepreneurship); identify commonalities, share best practices, and develop value added solutions towards developing our communities and improve lives.

The impact of this Youth Summit:
* Strengthening collaboration efforts among youths from the various local areas/towns;
* Empowering youth to Make a Difference in their Communities;
* Providing youth an opportunity to engage, listen and share youth issues across their communities, determine commonalities and differences and develop solutions as One Voice;
* Bringing youth from different cultures and backgrounds together in respect to each other’s differences; and
* Developing relationships to drive a passionate movement among our future leaders of tomorrow

Tel: 08053047165

Event Detail:

Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Remo Anglican College (REMAC) Hall
Ogun State, Nigeria


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  1. From every member of MayorBEE-Global we say a BIG THANK You, for your support towards the success of Remo empowerment And Leadership (REAL) Summit 2015

    we appreciate you and would be glad to partner with you everywhere its possible for us to..

    Mayowa Adegbuyi
    MayorBEE-Global Ventures
    Convener R.E.A.L. Summit

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