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Horlikins Event Center – A place for the elites

Horlikins event place is a fairy tale come to life. From beautifully crafted chandeliers to the endless drapes of silken curtains that grace everywhere. Looking for a place with that red carpet feel? Look no further as the luxury of this hall will leave you speechless. Equipped with a raised stage and magnificent lightings of various shapes and sizes, this hall promises and it delivers. From movie premiers to concerts, shows, crusades, fashion shows, live theater performances, government activities etc. This hall stands a head and shoulder above the rest.

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About Horlikins Event Center

The mission of Horlikins event place is to become the rallying point for modern events center, design/ construction and provision of a world class events center construction materials, equipment and gadgets

Features of Horlikins Event Place

  • – Car Park
  • – Quality Dolby Sound System
  • – Security
  • – Power
  • – Projector, Screens, LED Walls
  • – Internet Provided
  • – A comfortable and access restricted area where special guests can hangout before, during or after an event

Conditions of Horlikins Event Place

External equipment such as audio devices, chairs, tables, screens and lights are strictly prohibited.

Core values of Horlikins Event Place

  • It is our culture to treat our customers as queens and kings, with best quality, loyalty and services.
  • We take ownership for the proper coordination and success of our customer’s events by provision of free advisory services
  • We pay special attention to personnel capacity building, innovation, ICT compliance, team work, best practices, security and safety consciousness, adherence to extant laws and regulations
  • We share information with our team members to ensure all-inclusiveness. We maintain mutual respect for ourselves and customers. We provide services with neatness, class and luxury.
  • We carry out our business with openness and transparency.
  • We recognize productivity and reward performance.
  • We think about execution capabilities to design, redesign our strategies and organize compensation packages to successfully executed tasks by team members

Other Services of Horlikins Event Place

  • Event Center rental Services
  • Amusement Park, Fun and Leisure Services
  • Event Hosting
  • Event Planning, Budgeting & Management
  • Event Center Design & Construction Services
  • Provision/Supplies of Modern Event Center Construction Materials with emphasis on Acoustic, Aesthetics, lighting, Fire Resistance and Heat Insulation
  • Hall decoration Services

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