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Top 5 Event Centres in Abuja

Getting a reliable event centre that delivers what they promise has not been easy especially in places like Abuja. We at Eventnews Africa have taken time to review some of the event centres in Abuja. Below are some of the best and reliable event centres in Abuja.

1. Arcade Suites Conference Hall

About event centre

A Conference Hall perfect for presentations or conferences fully equipped with Modern multimedia facilities to make your conference or meeting memorable.

Arcade Suites Conference Hallis a one in a million centre in which they believe in policy and regulations.

Capacity: 150 Guests

Location: municipal, Abuja, fct.


No religious events in this centre
2. Flaming flamingo garden

About this venue:

A beautiful Garden suitable for all kind of Events. We give your events that unique touch of class.

It is also in a conducive environment were you can do any type of event e:g wedding, naming ceremony, burials etc

Facilities: rest rooms, parking space, tables and lot of chairs, guarantee security.

Location: Abuja. Abuja


3. Cunningham Marquee

About this venue:

An outstanding garden with cool environment, it’s a cool place to enjoy your self in any kind because it’s a very standard venue were you can do any type of event i:e conference meeting, convocation.

Facilities: changing room, rest room, lightning, power supply, security, air conditioner, stage e.t.c

Location: garki 2, abuja


4. Hilltop Resort Marquee

About this venue:

Hilltop is one of the best event centre in Abuja, it’s a well known centre in the city of Abuja.

It’s a very unique place and a very good place for us to be.

Capacity: 600 Guests

Type of Venue: Marquee


Tables, Chairs, Rest Room, Changing Room, Power supply, Parking Space, Air Conditioner, Lights, Security.

5. Maha Marquee Event Centre

About this venue:

Maha Marquee event centre is a perfect venue to to any type of ceremony and it’s one of the best in the city

Capacity: 1,500 Guests


Tables Chairs, Rest Room, Changing Room, Power supply , Parking Space, Air Conditioner, Stage, Lights, Security.

Location: garth 1, Abuja.

Have you been to any other event in Abuja? Share your  experience with us using the comment box below.



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