Toyin Aimakhu & Husband Put The Past Behind Them, Exchange Greetings At Movie Location

At least for their fans who want to see the couple back together, this is a step further. The actors were spotted on set of a movie yesterday where the two exchange greetings and mingled with their colleagues despite them not being together again.
A source said, the movie producer had invited the couple separately and was ‘scared’ one of them might turn the invitation down, hearing the other was invited to the same movie location, but they surprised the producer when they both came and shared no bad blood on the movie set.

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  1. Why is she biting her lips like that. Is she a vampire?
    Please join me celebrate am a year older today. Show a brother some love with your likes

  2. See the couple back together for where? After all the away matches. Even they themselves shouldnt want to see themselves back together if they are in their right senses.

  3. They might reconcile and remarry again.. Forget play away matches they both played …lol
    Theres a saying that goes: What the heart wants, It gets …lol
    Mehn, have learnt throug experience , matters of the heart can only be delayed but on the long run will still take what it wants…
    When they run finish, with other partners ,round the world… If both heart says , i want to go back… Mehn e go fashi pride and go back to its rigtful owners..lol..
    Ha..! Life..
    We can only make gra gra but what will.be , Will at the end be..

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