Toolz, Omalicha & Liz Osho Talk Instagram Addiction on Episode 7 Of “The Wrap Up”

On Episode 7 of The Wrap Up, host Toolz, sits with former editor of Genevieve Magazine, Liz Osho and Radio Personality, Omalicha to discuss the negative and positive effects of the popular social platform.

Social media use is becoming more rampant with the day, with youth spending a bulk of their time on platforms like Instagram – which indulges the vanity in most of us as it gives us unlimited liberty to share as many photos of ourselves as possible with ‘friends’.

This would otherwise not necessarily be worrisome, except for the fact that with constant use of these networking platforms comes a serious problem – addiction. And with this addiction comes a host of issues, ranging from the need for validation to unhealthy competitions, with many trying to live up to certain ‘standards’.

While Instagram’s original intent was to create a friendly environment, and also keep ‘friends’ up to date on our daily lives, it seems like people’s undue addiction to it is causing more harm than good.


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 Credit: Onobello

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