These Things I Will Never Compromise for, What’s Yours?

I can confidently say that my faith and my morals are the things I cannot compromise on.

I sat down one evening to watch a TV programme and the topic being discussed was ‘compromise’ I asked myself a question that had never crossed my mind before, what are those things I would never compromise on for anyone or a job?

Some would say they cannot compromise their self-esteem, others say their values, some might say it’s their self-respect and the list goes on. I once tried asking a friend the same question that had earlier crossed my mind and she simply replied ‘I can’t trade my family and dreams for anything’.

All these are beautiful principles, I came across someone whose school of thought was completely different from mine, she said she’d give up anything so long as the people she loved were happy, another wonderful individual also said he could do anything to keep a job so long as the bills were paid on time.

Do you agree?
After listening to various people comment on this issue, I decided to analyze their beliefs and also mine. Family, after all who will you run to when there is fire on the mountain. Friends, well most times they understand you better than that new lover or job. Values, correct, they keep you in check when you are in a tight corner and the list goes on.

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If anyone ever asked “what is your own ideology Veronika…
I must confess, it is not easy to hold on to this principles, it is one thing to say it and it is another to act accordingly when you are around people (especially those that mean so much to you) or that dream job, but I also believe that when you are constantly compromising, you start to feel uncomfortable and sometimes feel like a lost soul. I might be wrong

To be honest, it took a while to figure this out but I finally did. I can confidently say that my faith and my morals are the things I cannot compromise on. Faith is an obligation of fidelity. Loyalty, it’s a complete feeling of trust (in which I believe in), morals on the other hand is a principle of right and wrong behavior, an appeal to one’s conscience (which will never deceive or lie to you).

To me, faith and morals are all encompassing (I believe they define who a person is) Sometimes it is really difficult for me to keep up with these standards I’ve placed for myself but it is not impossible if you set your mind to it. All that you’ve read are my simple opinions, everyone has theirs.

Now tell me, what are those things you are not willing to compromise?


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