Is Skales coming back to Banky W’s EME?

In 2014, Skales parted ways  Banky W‘s EME Records to establish his own record label, Baseline. After leaving EME Records, he gave many reasons for leaving the record label. In one interview, he categorically stated that he never enjoyed working with the record label because of some personal deifferences. He said:

“I just believe in doing things myself, I have big dreams, and there are things I want to do, and people don’t understand me, but as time goes on, they will get used to it. I am one of the few people that believe success is the best revenge, I am not ready for any beef, I think I have grown,”
Commenting further, he said part of the things he did not like in EME was the working differences. “This is the way I want to go and they say this is the way they want me to go and that’s not me, it can’t work. That’s part of the reasons though, there is always two stories to everything. I am just saying how I feel; I don’t want to go deeper than this, before I offend anybody,”
Ever since leaving EME, he has been struggling to maintain the pace at which he was rising. But it seems the two personalities have let the past behind them as the two were seen together posing for shots.
Pundits are suggesting that Skales maybe on his way back to EME Records after he had struggled to really make the hits with his own record label.
Also recently, Skales and his talent manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe of M. et. al Ent were arrested and remanded in Police custody over allegations of fraud. These and many others maybe the reason why he maybe going back to the hands that nurtured him, but this is not certain yet.

Credit : olorisupergal


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