What do you think of RMD’s ongoing legal dispute with Jumia?

Ace Nigerian actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly called RMD, is currently in a legal dispute with e-commerce platform, Jumia, over their unauthorized use of his photos to promote their business.



According to the actor’s brand representative, the use of his photos on Jumia’s social media platforms for the advancement of its products has no doubt created better awareness for their fashion line at the expense of RMD and might have cost him some endorsement deals.


Although the shopping platform immediately took down the photos, they defiantly maintain that there was no sort of infringement as the pictures were already on a public social platform.

However, Instagram’s Terms of Use clearly prohibits such acts, and the actor and his team have decided to go ahead with the case as an exemplary action for other platforms that might be tempted to behave in a similar manner.

Some think RMD is taking things a little too far and believe he needs to take a chill pill and slow down with the legal battle. What’s your opinion?


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