Pirates Make Filmmakers’ Effort Fruitless, Tunde Kelani Opens up

One of the Nigeria creative and talented filmmakers, Tunde Kelani in an interview revealed why he has not released any movie in a while.

Kelani said he invests a lot in his productions but movie pirates make the effort futile seeing as they reap the fruits of his labour.

The cinematographer and story teller who also referred to as TK recently resigned as the chairman and member of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

He explained his plans after leaving the board.

“My plan is to continue working. Being a member of NFVCB wasn’t a full-time job; we were just expected to hold meetings three times a year. As a matter of fact, there was no time I left my job as a filmmaker. But for the last four years, I have not released any new production. I have movies I can release but it wouldn’t be wise to do that because it will be pirated within 24 hours. It is not sustainable to keep working for pirates because we invest a lot in our movies.”

“Piracy has affected the traditional DVD distribution network; so, we have to look towards technology and other platforms. This year, I think we will have solutions”, he said.

The veteran movie producer is known for some of his works such as Oleku, Thunder bolt (Magun), Saworoide, Maami, Dazzling Mirage, to name a few. Though filmmaking was not TK’s first love. He had picked up photography during his last year in primary school in Abeokuta, where he was staying with his grandparents in a large communal compound. By the time he was in secondary school, he had invested a lot in cameras, including a Halina 35x, a single lens reflex camera.

The trajectory into filmmaking started when he trained as a cameraman with the Western Nigerian Television (WNTV), the first Nigerian TV station, in 1970 in Ibadan.

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