List of OJB Jezereel Top 20 songs

It has already spread like wide fire all over social  media that popular singer/producer Babatunde Okungbowa Popularly known as OJB Jezereel died this morning of health complications.

What we don’t really know is how many of his mourners know this songs , anyways now they would. Beyond making music OJB is the creative director of an ambitious new multimedia outfit called One Beat.

Although we know he was suffering from kidney failure, in an interview with Naij.com he said:

“Normally there are challenges that come with the post-transplant or recovery period. Some of them have to do with issues related to hygiene. Also, the drugs I use – which are meant to fortify the immune system so that my body can accept the kidney – make me vulnerable to all kinds of infection and diseases. “So from time to time, I always go for medical checks. Sometimes I may undergo treatment at the hospital for a longer time than usual. During one of such periods, some people must have concluded that I had entered another relapse and they felt it was time for me to undergo another transplant. I think that was what led to the rumour. Let me use this occasion to assure them that I am not in that stage at all. What I am facing right now are the normal challenges that come with the transplant.”

We didn’t know we would lose him so soon.

Here’s top20 songs of the Legendary Artist/ Producer we would never forget

  1. OJB -Malaika
  2. OJB -First to know
  3. OJB -Move it
  4. OJB -Just the way you are
  5. OJB -If no be God
  6. OJB -Keys to my heart
  7. OJB -Dangerous
  8. OJB-O da be
  9. OJB -Chinedu ft Prince Jay
  10. OJB – Babylonia
  11. OJB – Ese Baba
  12. OJB – Jah’s my lite
  13. OJB – Shitta Anthem
  14. OJB – I Believe in Miracles
  15. OJB – I’ll be good
  16. OJB  – Beautiful as u r
  17. OJB- Otutu Munmi
  18. OJB – Follow Me II
  19. OJB – Gbemileke
  20. OJB – Pause

Credit : olorisupergal.com


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