CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE once had a talk on her own single story to ways things are perceived. What are the single story we want others to have about our fashion and creative industry? A look back to last year Lagos fashion and design week runway; various designers brought the heat out taking extreme lengths to defining culture and also creativity.

But if we take deeper look we see that most designers had not done their homework, 75 percent of designs showcased where already on foreign runways or probably been sold out in their various retail outlets or boutiques. Just few designers really did obliterate minimalism and gone through the phase “NOVELTY”.

The fashion cycle is one complex draw of a plan to keep up with. Creating garments start with the;

Design / Sketch

Pattern Design

Sample Making

Production Pattern


Marker Making






Pressing/ Finishing

Final Inspection



Novelty has been defined as the act of been novel, creative, inventive or unusual. The fashion cycle is not slowing down; there is little or no time for repetition. New ideas must be crafted, sadly designers don’t see the need to follow suit. A quick look into designers who have repeatedly invented new should serve as an inspiration. Haute couture, fashions art of supreme technical mastery, is perhaps peerless and represented in collections showcased on the runway.

For more than a century, the couture has been an emblem of the triumph of costume and fashion. It represents the fusion of fashion, the modern entity composed of novelty and synergy with personal and social needs and costume the consummate art of dressmaking, tailoring and constituents crafts to apparel and accessories. If the skills of the rose are not renewed there would not be any beautiful dresses.

Creativity is neither haughty nor superannuated. It is an aesthetic essay in which cherished and extraordinary skills continued to be practiced. It remains a discipline of ultimate imagination, unaccountable too cost, with the paradox of been fashions most cognizant tool. It is, as it began, a dream of quality in an era of industry and succession. Novelty once recognized takes dreams to another level.

*Featured Image Photo Credits: Adebimpe Adebambo



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