Nollywood Actor Sanyeri Breaks Leg as Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong During Movie Shoot

Nollywood star Olaniyi Afonja popularly referred to as Sanyeri revealed he broke his leg during a stunt scene.

The actor revealed he had to jump from the top of a building because the character he was playing had a spiritual problem.

Sanyeri told Punch in an interview,

“I got injured on the set of the movie I just concluded works on. I did a stunt and broke my leg. I am not in a hospital, I am at home but as we speak I have a POP cast on my leg. The character I was playing had to climb the roof of a house because he had some spiritual problems. When the landlord of the house realised that someone was on his roof, he called the police and while avoiding arrest, the character had to jump off the roof of the house. That was how I broke my leg and the doctors said that the cast would be on my leg for a month,

Credit: Punch


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