Life and Style of Mike Alara and the Happy Souls International

The Nigerian home based live band group – Michael Oluwatobiloba Ajayi popularly known as Mike Alara has been making waves in the Nigeria music and live band industry. Mike Alara is set to become a household name in Nigeria especially in the South West of the country. We gladly introduce to you the fast rising gospel musician of the century in person of Michael Oluwatobiloba Ajayi Aduramigba, a.k.a Mike Alara and happy Souls International.

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Michael Oluwatobiloba Ajayi popularly called Mike Alara was born in the year 1991, into a family of five in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria. He attended Staff School University of Ibadan and later proceeded to Oba Akinbiyi Mokola for his Junior Secondary School Education and later proceeded to Abadina College University of Ibadan for his Secondary School Education, after which he proceeded to the University of Ibadan, where he obtained is Bachelor of Arts Degree in the study of Religions graduating with a First Class Honours in the year 2015. He started his musical career in the year 2005 after the demise of is Mentor and Late role model Evangelist Olubukola Roland Olomola A.K.A Baba Ara, the First King of Gospel Music in Nigeria in the year 2004, August 31st. His love for Baba Ara style of Music, Undiluted Gospel music message in Nigeria, The Immortalization of Baba Ara and basically has been led by the Spirit made him pick up the task for the continuity of the Kingdom Message in Nigeria. His First Album Entitled ”Onise Ara” was released in the Year 2014 in 10th year remembrance of Baba Ara. The album was produced by Toby Legend and Adosco Moshorire.

Due to the acceptability of this album, he has been moving from one show in Nigeria and Ghana due to his style of music, and the genuineness and dynamism in music. Mike Alara has played live and direct at several occasions basically across Southwest Nigeria. Mike Alara has won entertainment awards and also Academic awards since his foray into music in the year 2005. He is the C.E.O and Managing Director of Mike Alara and Happy Souls international – a fast rising gospel music band in southwest Nigeria. Mike Alara has featured in several radio programmes across Nigeria such as Premier Fm, Diamond Fm, Amuludun Fm and the host of others.

Mike Alara recently had a collaboration with popular artistes in Nigeria which was produced and financed by Abimbola Ogundeji ventures aka AOV ventures. The collaboration deal was tagged “Sing the Song”. This was aimed at promoting Inter-religious and cultural harmony in Nigeria. Some of the artistes that featured in the collaboration deal – “Sing the Song” includes Mike Alara, Dele Bravo, Femi Solar, Ojopagogo, Moji Afolayan, Okunnu, Seyi Ajogbajesu, Aso Funfun, Atofarati, Wunmi Babalola, Wale Melody, Oyinijesu twins, Dare Melody, Dale Caleb, Akorin Anobi, Bembe Aladisa, Alhaja Dasola, Bode Ben, Dayo Owoeba, Yomi Olorunlolaye, Jummy Success, Alohungbeja, among others.


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