Lynxxx Celebrates One Year As A Born Again Christian

lynxxx stargist

Nigerian Rapper, Lynxxx celebrated a year of being in Christ yesterday. He shared this photo on instagram:


Lynxxx has been criticized by fans who have repeatedly said it’s all an act. He added this inspiring message as the caption:

“…so on this very day last year… I had an encounter that changed my thinking, my outlook, my stance on alot of things and ultimately my life… Its been an amazing year of self discovery, truth and the beginning of an intimate relationship with God and Living in Purpose.

I wish u all the same evolution and self discovery through Christ when your time comes.

God bless everyone for the support, well wishes and many messages (although i try to reply as much as i can….) say a prayer for me on this very special day! All things are possible as long as u put God in the driving seat! & no i didnt quit music… Album out soon”

Credit: Stargist


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