Instafamous: Wale Adetula of The Naked Convos – @dzrpt_tv

Instafamous profiles individuals who have become famous via their endeavors online or more specifically on social media platforms.

On this episode of Instafmous, we have Wale Adetula aka The Tools Man . Wale Adetula is the Co-founder and Editor of “The Naked Convos”.

The Naked Convos is a blog that serves as a safe haven for young Nigerians to create and engage in open conversations about relationships, music, movies, health, sports, news and entertainment

Wale (@thetoolsman) divulges the story behind the creation of The Naked Convos, the purpose it aims to serve and the future prospects. He also shares the impact of social media and the positives that can be derived from it.

Watch Instafamous: Wale Adetula of The Naked Convos

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